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Product Selection

Moisture Matic® 350 ml suitable for pots 15 – 20 cm (may work on pots from 10 - 14 cm but needs to be carefully tested). Most plants in this range use around 50 ml per day and therefore approximately one week watering interval.

Moisture Matic® 700 ml suitable for pots 20 – 30 cm. Most plants in this pot range use up to 100 ml per day and therefore approximately one week watering interval.

Pots vary greatly in size and shape, however the diameter and height of pots are generally similar. The Moisture Matic® automatic pot plant watering device will fit the vast majority of pots in the above ranges. 

Water usage also varies greatly between plant species, location of plant and type of pot. Careful monitoring in the first week or two is highly recommended to ensure product is functioning correctly and that size is suited to the particular application.

Should water in Moisture Matic® run out for a few days this will not usually result in damage to the plant. However, this depends greatly on type of plant, location and time of year. 

Fitting of two or more Moisture Matic® units to some pot plants may be necessary in high water use situations. They should then be placed on opposite sides of pot or as far from each other as is practicable.

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