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After filling Moisture Matic® I notice some water in the saucer. Is this a problem?

  1. If the water is approximately 1 mm in depth this is not a problem and may occur for a day or so after Moisture Matic® is filled.
  2. However if more than 1 mm persists and if the drainage slots or holes in bottom of pot are completely covered by water then if this allowed to remain for more than 48 hours the roots may be starved of air and plant damage may result. If this occurs treat as per next item relating to saucer filling with water.

Why does Moisture Matic® results in saucer filling with water?

  1. Check that general purpose potting mix that complies with Australian Standard 3743-2003 is being used.
  2. Check that probe is located no closer to plant than midway between edge of plant root ball and edge of pot. If probe is touching root ball water will run down roots. Arm can be turned anti clockwise by up to 45 degrees to move probe away from root ball.
  3. Check that pot is not root bound. If pot is full of roots then water will run down roots and fill saucer. If this is the case then re pot using general purpose potting mix with the Australian Standard mark into a pot that is at least 25% larger. For example a 15 cm repotted into a 20 cm or larger diameter pot or 20 cm into 25 cm diameter or larger pot.
  4. If none of the above are evident try only filling Moisture Matic® approximately 2/3 full for 2 weeks to allow plant and potting mix to adjust to different watering method and then gradually increase water level.
  5. If water persists in saucer at a level that covers drainage slots or holes and none of the above works then discontinue use of Moisture Matic® as the roots will be starved of air and plant health may suffer. Call 1 300 107 166 or email help@moisturematic.com.au for assistance.

Why does one plant in same size pot run out of water after 5 days and another only uses half the water at the end of the week?

  1. Water use varies greatly between plant species.
  2. Water use also varies greatly depending on location of plant. A little more sunlight or draft will greatly increase water use. So even the same types of plant will use different amounts unless in exactly the same location.
  3. Plants even of the same type are all slightly different and will use different amounts of water. Using Moisture Matic® makes these differences evident.

If the water runs out after 4 days, will my plant suffer if I wait till the weekend before watering?

  1. Unless the conditions are extreme, plants watered with Moisture Matic® can happily last for 3 days without watering. However if exposed to direct sunlight or draft they may suffer damage. It is always best to monitor carefully for 2 weeks to ensure plant is coping.
  2. If Moisture Matic® is running out of water in less than 4 days and there is no water accumulating in the saucer then a second Moisture Matic should be fitted to the other side of the pot. Carefully monitor for the first 2 weeks to ensure no water is accumulating in the saucer. This should only occur in pots greater than 25 cm diameter unless exposed to strong sunlight or draft.

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