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How it Works

Moisture Matic® is an automatic pot plant watering device that utilizes a wick to transfer water from a reservoir to the potting mix.

The wick used is a SPONGEWICK™. This is a wick and sponge but with both made from the same material.

The material that the SPONGEWICK ™is made from has a molecular structure similar to that of water such that when the potting mixture around the SPONGEWICK™ becomes wetter, transfer of water slows and then ceases when the potting mix is fully wetted. 

As the moisture is delivered below the surface of the potting mix, evaporation is virtually eliminated, with typically 5 ml or less per day being lost through evaporation for a 200 mm diameter plastic pot.

Typical total use of an average indoor plant in a 200 mm diameter pot is approximately 50 ml per day although this can vary greatly with plant type, position, ambient temperature, ambient humidity and pot type. 

Therefore, for example, the Moisture Matic® 350ml will provide adequate moisture for up to 7 days for a 200 ml diameter pot in most applications. (product selection information follows)

Overflow and spillage is also eliminated together with leaching nutrients.

A consistent level of potting mix moisture is provided. This results in plant adapting water usage to this consistent moisture level. As a result greatly reduced foliage damage occurs together with steady growth and overall plant health. 

All that is required  in most situations is weekly, or longer, topping up of water.

The water level can be seen in the transparent strip on the side of the water reservoir.

The SPONGEWICK™ and other unique features of Moisture Matic® are the subject of patent and registered design applications.

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