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Fitting Moisture Matic® automatic pot plant watering device

1. Rotate arm clockwise through 90 degrees (on some 15 cm to 20 cm pots it may be necessary to rotate arm less than 90 degrees to keep probe away from plant)

2. Place curved edge against pot and gently push tip into potting mix keeping arm level till bottom of arm touches rim of pot. This should result in red part of probe being below surface of potting mix. (If it is still above surface addition of addition potting mix may be necessary.)

3. Clip arm onto narrow pot rims or rest on edge of pots with thick rims

4. Fill with clean tap water using a plastic watering can with long spout

5. Check daily till water use stabilizes – usually 3 to 7 days, leaving in same position 

Moisture Matic® is only to be used for watering of plants 

Do not use for addition of fertilizer or any other chemicals


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